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Udayagiri ('Udaya' meaning morning and 'giri' meaning peak, Udayagiri translates as the peak on which morning sunlight falls first) is the name of many places in India, among them:

  • Udayagiri, Andhra Pradesh, a place from Srikrishna devaraya ruled his kingdom and is famous for the hills and ancient buildings.
  • Udayagiri, Andhra Pradesh, a village and mandal (administrative subdivision)
  • Udayagiri, Kannur, a village in Thaliparamba taluk of Kannur District in Kerala.
  • Udayagiri, Odisha, Buddhist complex in Odisha composed of major stupas and viharas.
  • Udayagiri and Khandagiri Caves, the site of ruins of a complex of buildings near Bhubaneswar
  • Udayagiri Fort, one in Tamil Nadu and the other in Andhra Pradesh
  • Udaygiri Caves, caves near Vidisha in Madhya Pradesh
  • G. Udayagiri, a town in Odisha
  • Udayagiri Raja Maha Vihara, an ancient Buddhist temple in Sri Lanka.
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